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how to write a speech, speech mapping, public speaking
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Speech Mapping

Need help writing a speech?


Our team will help you develop your perfect presentation.  

Do you want to present to your whole class, stand up at assembly or pitch an idea with confidence?

Our speech mapping service will give your child exclusive access to our S.P.I.L formula which they can use to draft their presentation. Write your speech and upload it to our site, then one of our Yellow Lantern facilitators will contact you to arrange a 40-min speech mapping session (via zoom) where your child will be given personalised feedback, tips on how to improve and the chance to practice their speech with a professional public speaking coach.


Speech mapping with Yellow Lantern is fun, empowering and will give your child a huge sense of accomplishment.

PLEASE NOTE: This service does NOT involve our staff writing a speech for you.
It is a mentoring program that will help your child develop their own authentic speaking style.

how it works...

fill out our
speech mapping form 

download S.P.I.L formula

write and send us your speech

book your

speech mapping coaching session

how to write a speech, speech mapping, public speaking

what  people     say...

Pay & book now

Let's get started!

As soon as you pay, we will send you the link to our speech mapping questionnaire and a downloadable template so you can write your speech with ease. 


Cost: $120
*includes a 40 min LIVE coaching call where you can practice presenting your speech to a qualified Yellow Lantern coach. Your coach will give you instant feedback and the boost of confidence you need to 
take your speech from page to stage. 

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