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Meet Our Fabulous Facilitators

Public speaking for kids with Lyndal.jpg
Lyndal Leonard

Certified Life Coach
Certificate in Child Health

"It is such a pleasure to journey with my students. Yellow Lantern enables young people to unlock a life where nothing holds them back from achieving their dreams and purpose."

Public speaking for kids with Gemma .jpg
Gemma West

Bachelor Education
Qualified Teacher

"One of my greatest pleasures in life is to witness and honour a person finding and using their unique voice to express their truth and shine in their light!"

Public speaking for kids, with matthew harris.jpeg
Matthew Harris

BA Edu, Qualified Teacher

Certified  Counsellor

"I believe in whole-child education; brain, body & heart. Yellow Lantern provides me with an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of children, giving them easy practical ways that they can voice their potential"

Public speaking for kids, with Kelly
Kelly Petering

Certified Life Coach 

Bachelor of Arts in Drama  

"It is amazing to watch kids embrace their uniqueness, passion and enthusiasm for public speaking. Nothing beats seeing their proud faces when they complete the Yellow Lantern program"



Public speaking for kids with adrian.jpg
Adrian Williams Brett

Dip. Speech & Drama
NLP Coaching Cert

"In my work I often come across people who have fear and shame around their voices, inhibiting their creativity & confidence. Working as a Yellow Lantern facilitator enables me to help people find their voice early on. It is a gift that will always keep on giving"

Public speaking for kids with Dimuthu .jpg
Dimuthu Perera

BA Science Psychology
Certified Life Coach

"I believe that limiting beliefs we form about ourselves as children can hold us back from living fulfilled and happy lives as adults. The Yellow Lantern program not only teaches children how to speak authentically, it teaches self-awareness and self-confidence. It is empowering the new generation to embrace their voice"

Public speaking for kids with Indigo.jpeg
Indigo Grace

Certified Life Coach

"When it comes to public speaking, it is important for children to build confidence from a young age. I love facilitating Yellow Lantern. It's great fun and so rewarding!"

Public speaking for kids, with Nathalie Brewer
Nathalie Brewer

Founder of Yellow Lantern
BA Psych Honors
Masters Edu, Qualified Teacher

Marriage Celebrant

"Public speaking is more than just the ability to give a good speech, it is an opportunity to be seen & heard.  I created Yellow Lantern so my daughter's generation can step into leadership roles with a commitment to vulnerability,
self acceptance and authenticity"

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