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So you want to join the lantern team?

There are two ways to work with Yellow Lantern. The first is to license your own Lantern League public speaking club and deliver weekly paid coaching sessions for juniors (aged 8 - 12) or seniors (aged 13 - 16). All materials are included and we offer you support along the way. These clubs are borderless, with team members located around the world.


All applicants must fill in the form below and have an interview with us. For more info see

The second way is to become a trained Yellow Lantern Facilitator. This involves delivering our flagship 8-week program to primary schools. This option is for Australian residents only and involves your successful completion of our facilitator training program.  

let us know about you..
what is your qualification?
what are you interested in?
have you taught young people before?
how did you hear about yellow lantern?

Thanks for submitting.
We will be in touch soon!

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