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Public Speaking coaching will give your child the expert help they need to create ripples of change in their life at home, school and on the playing field.

Nathalie Brewer is among Australia's top-10 female public speaking coaches of 2021. She has 12 years of experience and a magical way of working with young people to:

  • build confidence

  • change attitudes towards public speaking

  • overcome nervousness or shyness

  • develop their authentic speaking style

  • present at an elite level

  • feel it - own it - speak it 

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Yellow Lantern's method of public speaking coaching follows our flagship formula of teaching kids to

FEEL it - OWN it - SPEAK it!

Hear from Nathalie herself on how her one on one coaching can benefit your child

All Yellow Lantern coaches are qualified counsellors, coaches and teachers who possess a spark and enthusiasm which lights up every child we work with. 

Our sessions are booked in cycles of three. We find that one cycle is generally enough to significantly improve public speaking and overall confidence. But of course, you can choose as many cycles as you think your child needs. 

Cycle of 3 coaching sessions: $300
Additional (single) coaching sessions: $120