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Public speaking for kids Yellow Lantern

Yellow Lantern is a global provider of public speaking courses and programs for change-makers aged 8 - 18. 


Our unique coaching methods powerfully help young people to:

  • Choose magnificence

  • Make masterful mistakes

  • Slam a speech with power & personality

We believe that ANY kid,
Feel it - Own it - Speak it!

How we do it

Public speaking for kids Yellow Lantern speaking courses

What are people saying?

Tanya Cooke, Principal

Yellow Lantern shows our students how to replace nervousness with excitement. It is a program that meets kids on their level and they get it! The results have been incredible. 

Sarah Watts, Parent

All of my kids have gone through the Yellow Lantern program. I have watched them transform into confident, joyful and expressive teenagers who aren't afraid of public speaking. They love it!

Alana, student age 12

You haven't just taught me how to write a speech, you have taught me how to be more like myself when public speaking. I will remember this forever.

Nathalie Brewer

As the founder of Yellow Lantern, Nathalie is featured by Yahoo Finance in the top10 female public speaking coaches in Australia for 2021. Her methods involve a unique combination of mind/body practices for high impact storytelling and talent development.

Her favourite saying is:
"Speak like everyone is listening"

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Public speaking for kids Yellow Lantern Nathalie Brewer

Gemma Sylvanspring

Gemma is CEO of Yellow Lantern and a qualified school teacher. She has been facilitating our public speaking programs in schools in the Byron Bay region for 5 years. Gemma is a talented speaker and singer who loves working with Yellow Lantern to bring out the shine in each child.


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