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3 Session Coaching Series

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Yellow Lantern's method of coaching follows our flagship formula of teaching kids to FEEL it - OWN it - SPEAK it! Coaching is delivered via Zoom for young people aged 8 - 18 from anywhere in the world. Each session typically lasts for 60 - 75 minutes. Your coach Nathalie Brewer (BA Hons Psychology & Masters Edu) is the founder of Yellow Lantern. She has been working in schools and individually with kids for 18 years. Her spark and enthusiasm lights-up every child she works with. She believes Public Speaking is one of the most powerful pathways to high self-esteem and future opportunities. Your child will be coached to: - Amplify their confidence - Deliver a short speech using the S.P.I.L formula - Speak smoothly with their unique flair & personality Our sessions are booked in cycles of three. We find that one cycle is generally enough to improve public speaking confidence and ability by 100%. You can choose as many cycles you think your child needs.

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