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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

Start a Lantern League Club
Firstly, contact us to find out if there is a Lantern League Club near you. If there is no other active club within a 20km radius then you are able to apply. Anyone aged 18 and over can start up a Lantern League at your school, organisation or in your local community. The annual charter fee is very affordable and will equip you with a manual which covers everything you need to run a thriving club with ongoing support. Your Lantern League manual includes a fully-scripted set of materials for the first meeting which allows members to jump right into club roles. After a few months, club members will be able to run sessions from start to finish with some inspirational guidance from you.

Being a part of Lantern League gives young people a powerful spring board into all other areas of their life. It is a place where they can incubate ideas and practice communicating powerfully to an open and supportive group.

Spirit of Lantern League

"When kids feel well, they speak well. This is the magic of Lantern League!" Nathalie Brewer

Lantern League is a non competitive speaking club where young members are coached to speak, sing or slam before an audience. As a club chairperson, you will need to posses a positive, passionate and nurturing attitude. Due to the emphasis on positive self talk, shining bright & active listening, it is your job to allow each club member to experience feelings of safety, freedom & belonging in the group.

Each Lantern League session begins with a powerful  group practice called Voice Kung Fu. This fun sequence gives each member an actual experience of locating power, confidence and strength within their body. Every club session uses a repeatable formula which serves to grow awareness of personal  brilliance and shows members how to search for the brilliance in others.

Members create, write or recite a piece which they pre-prepare and bring to a meeting. They have the choice of public speaking, singing, acting or slamming poetry.  Success in Lantern League is measured by how strong and bright each member feels whilst presenting their speech, song or poem.  There are four levels in Lantern League for members to progress through:
Level 1:  Fire Flies
Level 2: Candle flames
Level 3: Beacons
Level 4: Solar Sun

How to run your club
We recommend you run 1.5hr Lantern League sessions after school, once per fortnight. You may like to use a local hall, school or community venue. Fee's charged to student members will be up to each individual club. It will depend on how often you run the club sessions and if there are any associated costs of hiring a venue. Students are asked to commit to a minimum of 3 months (or one Term).  A good idea is to make the first session free so new students can get a feel for it. A club needs at least 10 members to be effective.

As a valid charter holder you have the option to run group coaching outside the Lantern League sessions. These 1 hour workshops will powerfully help your club members develop and refine their skills as young presenters and performers as well as amplify their experience of Lantern League. This option is open to all charter holders who have purchased the Group Coaching Pack which provides the license and additional materials to conduct 3 short workshops.
- Choose magnificence
- Break through nerves
- Structure a great speech, poem or song

Ongoing Support
As a part of your annual membership we offer complete phone and email support and consultation. On the Yellow Lantern Membership Site you can easily find and download the most current forms and materials, update your profile, manage your account, view training videos, and chat with other charter members. This is a private group comprising only of club Chairpersons (non-students) that can discuss, by email, club operational matters with other club Chairpersons. You can ask and answer questions about club matters and share other related experiences with other club leaders.

By starting a Lantern League club in your local community you will be empowering a new generation of leaders and strengthening connections between young people in your community. Together lets make the 'global fear' of public speaking history through providing positive and empowering experiences for young people to shine!