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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

SHINE YOUR LIGHT - 8 Week Program

This is by far our most popular program. Your students will develop epic proportions of amazingness and pick up a 'can-do-it' attitude toward public speaking which may last a lifetime! Delivered as a 1.5 hour session per week (over 8 weeks) on-site at your school.

                                    Don't just read about it...see it in action here!
SHINE YOUR LIGHT program really sits outside the box. This is not a 'teach the student' kind of course. Public Speaking is taught as a pathway toward creativity & self acceptance. Our facilitators are  professional coaches, councillors & teachers who have a passion for transformational work with kids.

                                "This is by far the best thing any of my kids have done at school"
                                                                     Sarah- parent

This course offers a powerful balance of theory, practice, breath work, writing, drawing, group activities and Kung Fu...yep that's right! Each session begins with a unique sequence of movements that activate confidence and relieves nervousness.

By the end of this 8 week program, your students will:
  • Choose magnificence
  • Make mistakes masterfully
  • Put their personality first
  • Write clever & engaging speeches
  •  Celebrate others

                                  "I have learnt that public speaking isn't scary if you be yourself.
                        Yellow Lantern was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget"     

                                                                   Chloe - student

For a PDF of how this program fits in with the Australian Curriculum download here.

A Yellow Lantern facilitator will visit your school each week to deliver a 1.5 hour session to each class. A class teacher is required to observe and supervise where needed (and can even join in if they would like)

During the 7th week of the program, parents and friends are asked to attend a graduation event where students will share a 2 minute talk. This is an incredible opportunity for students to Shine their Light!
An evening jam packed with laughter, tears & transformation.

This 8-week program is reasonably priced and tailored to meet your school’s needs & budget . Prices are charged per class session and dependent on student numbers. 
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Workshops & Seminars

Our short incursions are jam packed with age appropriate  activities which are fun, engaging & effective.  Suitable for Grades 3 - 12. Download our SHORT COURSE GUIDE

"A great leader gets out of the way to bring out the shine in others" Nathalie Brewer

The new age of leadership involves the ability to inspire groups, develop relationships & lead with strength & compassion.

Being a leader doesn't mean you lead others by telling them what to do. It means you take an interest in others and hold strong to a common vision. Learning this simple lesson can save you a life time of frustration whilst working within groups.

This inspiring workshop involves powerful exercises on how to be the change you wish to see in the world.
•    Define your role as a leader and identify how it differs from other roles you have had
•    Understand the management challenge
•    Draw your leadership profile & use it to improve your success as a leader
•    Discover how to remove limiting beliefs and inspire a team just by being yourself

Suitable for young people wanting to move into positions of leadership, run effective groups or clubs, start a campaign or just be more awesome.

Boost your confidence with Public Speaking by learning how to construct a great speech whilst daring to be yourself!

‘Speak to Shine’ will help you get real, be heard and shine your light every time you speak. Learn how to be the speaker or performer you have always admired...without even trying!

This workshop will help students:
•    Develop a SHINE approach to speaking, slamming or singing
•    Find a pathway out of getting stuck or forgetting your words
•    Learn how to construct a great speech with rhythm and flow
•    Become captivating (using as little effort as possible)

Suitable for young people who want to drastically improve their: public speaking, interview skills, stage presence,  singing & performing & all aspects of being brilliant

If you thought public speaking was just a face to face thing...think again! This short workshop will show you how to best present your thoughts & ideas online. We discuss the true meaning of the LIKE button and the best way to gain an audience, keep friends and gain future job prospects online.

You are your best asset. Being able to market yourself both offline and online is a skill you need to have. Learn how the best personalities in the world use social media to make it real and make it big!

•    Identify your online needs & goals
•    Get real but don’t reveal
•    Turn your posts from boring to brilliant
•    Create an amazing footprint

Suitable for all online users, social media addicts, computer geeks & people wishing to build online campaigns or wildly successful blogs.

Forming 'Rock Star Rapport' is your fastest ticket to success. It's time you learn how to conduct yourself with natural flair and honest integrity in any new situation.

Widen your social circle, attend successful job interviews and create first impressions that last.

This workshop will give you an actual experience of feeling 'liked' by everyone, especially you. Learn how to maximise yourself  & create open doors to opportunity in all the right places.

•    get along with people the instant you meet them
•    gain uber confidence in uncertain situations
•    learn the power of the ‘unconscious hello’
•    practice your ability to light up a room

Suitable for people wishing to smash job interviews, feel powerful in groups, form amazing friendships and participate in shameless acts of self promotion.
Available NSW, VIC & QLD

Certificate of Completion

Each participant will receive a certificate of new beginnings upon completing any of workshops. A great addition to any young person's resume!  (Click image to enlarge)


Our short programs can be delivered in  either as a Workshop (for class sizes of 35 or less) or as an Inspirational Seminar (for multiple grade levels ). 

Availability will depend on your school's proximity to your closest Lantern facilitator. 
All short programs can be tailored to meet your school’s curriculum & your budget . 

Download our pricing schedule & short course guide or
Contact our office for a tailored sample quote today.
school classes

We also offer a great selection of SHORT workshops:


Learn how to lead with compassion and bring out the best in others

Be shown how to match your online profile with your real life intentions

Feel it - Own it - Speak it
Find freedom in your approach to public speaking & performing.

Get along with people the instant you meet & open doorways to opportunity

free public speaking advice
Get your kids off to the very best start in their relationship with public speaking.

one of our short workshops and receive a free Yellow Lantern LESSON PLAN!

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