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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

Yellow Lantern KUNG FU

Practicing your speech is not the only way to prepare for public speaking. Have a go at this very powerful method of preparation called LANTERN KUNG FU. This sequence combines simple body movement, breath & visualisation to help you step out on stage with cool, calm & a blast of confidence!

We recommend you use this practice at the start of every day and especially before public speaking.

The four elements of Yellow Lantern KUNG FU...

  • AIR - Your great spirit
  • EARTH - Your knowledge & foundation
  • FIRE- Your determination to speak with impact
  • WATER - To send ripples out to your audience
KungFu Lantern
How to use Lantern Kungfu
This practice has been designed by Nathalie Brewer, Founder of Yellow Lantern
Graduate Diploma of Dru Yoga Teacher Training