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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

Meet our very special team of Yellow Lantern Facilitators...

Nathalie Brewer (BA Hons Psychology) is the founder of Yellow Lantern & Lantern League. She has worked as a teacher of Group Counselling at Deakin University, with Life Be In It Australia, Westminster City Hall Education (London) and PAN International, specialising in designing programs in the area of childhood bullying & social behaviour. A public speaking coach, yoga teacher, marriage celebrant and mother, Nathalie is dedicated to bringing modern coaching methods to public speaking practices for kids.

"I believe public speaking is one of the most powerful pathways to high self-esteem. Yellow Lantern is about coaching a child to feel their internal light of confidence, how to own their unique personality and then how to speak from that place!"
Lucinda Reilly (Dip Trans Counselling) is extraordinary at using creative modalities to uplift kids. As a speaker on community radio, performer and children’s book illustrator, Lu is passionate about positive thinking & public speaking.  Lucinda also works with the Inside Out Education's Bully Busters program to deliver engaging, practical programs aimed at preventing bullying in
Australian primary schools.

“What excites me the most about facilitating the Yellow Lantern, is that I get to help kids grow into strong & spontaneous people!”

Lyndall Leonard  (Life Coach & Certificate in Child and Family Health ) has decades of experience working with a broad age range of children in a variety of group settings, inside schools and outside of schools for not-for-profit organisations.  She has amazing interpersonal skills that she has developed over the years.  It is clear that she is congruent with the curriculum that she teaches - Lyndall not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.   She is fun, intuitive and creative. 

"It is such a pleasure to journey with my students. Yellow Lantern enables young people to unlock a life where nothing holds them back from achieving their dreams and purpose."
Adrian Williams-Brett (Dip. Speech & Drama, NLP Coaching Dip) is passionate about helping people find and use their voice. He has worked for many years as an actor/musician, director and theatre trainer. He has run youth choirs and after-school drama courses for children and led hundreds of theatre workshops in schools. He currently works as a voice trainer at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, the Actors Workshop and Byron Bay Film and Television School.

"In my work I often come across people who have fear and shame around their voices, inhibiting their creativity & confidence. Working as a Yellow Lantern facilitator enables me to help people find their voice early on. It is a gift that will always serve them"

Renee Douthat (Life Coach) is a qualified coach and NLP practitioner with over 10 years experience leading numerous programs, events and workshops around the world.  Bringing a bright, fun and connected energy Renee is inspired to free people from the constraints of their programmed mind, to connect to self and have the confidence to own who they are and speak their truth.  Renee also works as a facilitator running guidance sessions and workshops throughout Australia and Bali.

"People can spend a life time holding back from expressing their true self. Yellow Lantern enables children to embrace who they are and have the confidence to truly express themselves."

Matthew Harris (Qualified Teacher) has over 25 years experience in education, coaching and personal development. His teaching has been in both primary, secondary, state & independent schools. Matthew is an accomplished storyteller and speaker and is a strong advocate of Whole Child Learning. He has also studied Transpersonal Counselling with the Phoenix Institute of Australia and is a registered member of the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

"I believe in whole-child education; brain, body & heart. Yellow Lantern provides me with an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of children, giving them easy practical ways that they can voice their potential"

Eve Wilson (Life Coach) is a qualified coach & mentor in the wellness, business and aged care sectors with experience presenting at more than 30 events on specialty topics. Eve has delivered school health & wellness programs with Health by Design and facilitates group work through the Art of Living Awake and Ignite Mentoring. Currently teaching the NEIS program through RMIT & Holmesglen TAFE, Eve is passionate about guiding individuals & groups to be fully self-expressed in what they love to do.

"As an extremely shy child I have had to face many fears over the years. What I love most about being a Yellow Lantern facilitator is that I am supporting young people to be seen in the world in an empowering and joyful way" 

Shanti O'Brien (Dip Counselling) is a qualified counsellor & Kinesiologist currently studying event management. With a strong background in performance art, she is passionate about offering young people the opportunity to be seen & heard through movement & voice. Shanti is a foster parent and mother to three amazing kids who help bring out her joyful enthusiasm in all that she does.
"Every child is unique. It is so exciting to use the Yellow Lantern program to help kids unfold into their natural state of confidence and express themselves with effortless authenticity"
Katherine Cunningham (Life Coach, BA Bus) is a qualified coach and adult education provider, with experience in many different educational environments.  She has been delivering women’s health, wellbeing education and coaching for the last 16 years. She is a writer of meditation products & experiential health programs & performance poetry. Katherine has long been passionate about bringing a voice to the unspoken & creating emotional health programs that assist in deep expression & peace.

“Finding my voice, learning to share it, these have been paramount to my life. Now, with Yellow Lantern I am able to share this passion, enabling young people to share their unique self with our world!” 
Dimuthu Perera (BSc Psychology, Life Coach) is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Never shy to be authentic and show her personality Dimuthu has held many speaking roles such as facilitating corporate training, teaching students and MC for large social events. Being a mother herself, she is committed to helping children grow with confidence and resilience.

"I believe that limiting beliefs we form about ourselves as children can hold us back from living fulfilled and happy lives as adults. The Yellow Lantern program not only teaches children how to speak authentically, it teaches self-awareness and self-confidence. It is empowering the new generation to embrace their voice"
Gemma West (BA Education) is a passionate teacher, singer, poet, dancer and mother of two girls. She has a wealth of experience with a diverse range of children and adults as a specialist dance and drama teacher, a classroom teacher within both primary and early childhood settings and an English as a Foreign Language teacher in New Caledonia, East Timor and India. She currently works as a private singing teacher, a workshop facilitator for pregnant women and a playgroup leader.

"One of my greatest pleasures in life is to witness and honour a person finding and using their unique voice to express their truth and shine in their light!"