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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

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Yellow Lantern LESSON PLAN

Are you a parent or teacher who wants to give your students the best possible introduction to public speaking?
Are you someone who wants a powerful template to help you relate to public speaking in a whole new way?

We believe our approach to public speaking is worth sharing with anyone who is passionate about empowered speech. We know that most public speaking training is very focused on tools and technique. So we want to provide you and your students a way to do it differently!

This lesson plan has been designed by Yellow Lantern founder and coach Nathalie Brewer. It involves fun, easy to follow activities to help your students experience public speaking with a sense of fun, focus  & freedom.  The  plan in broken down into 4 modalities of learning; discussing, visualising, preparing and practicing.

You can use this resource to teach a class or as a private mentoring session to kick start your new relationship with public speaking. Ideal for students aged 8 and up.
$26.80 (GST incl)
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