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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

LANTERN LEAGUE - Public Speaking & Performance Club 

Lantern League in a speaking club for kids that provides a lively group atmosphere for young people to practice being confident and  in front of a supportive audience. Available at various locations throughout the world and online.

In Lantern League, the young members run the show! Speaking and performance roles are short, easy and fun to do. Your child will be coached on how to amplify their stage presence, write a speech and speak with joy. Every club session uses a repeatable formula which grows awareness of personal  brilliance and shows members how to search for the brilliance in others.
Lantern League is so awesome and fun! It has changed my life.

Matylda - Upwey Club

Lantern League has an emphasis positive self talk, shining bright & active listening, Young people are coached on how to put them self forward, construct powerful speeches, express themselves with confidence and have fun doing it!

In Australia, club sessions are held fortnightly
en to  any person aged between 8 - 18 years

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