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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

Public Speaking Coaching for Kids

Public Speaking Coaching
At Yellow Lantern, we  believe that all young people are natural speakers and that our role is to activate each ones gift to enable them to reach their full potential and give voice to their unique ideas.

Coaching guides young people to strengthen their positive attitude to life. Students are guided to take full control and responsibility for their own ability to communicate & are able to access their inner confidence to share their thoughts and feelings effectively.
Yellow Lantern is a now focused program. Children are given practical tools to help grow their self expression in their everyday life. It is suitable for any child from 8 years old. We coach:
  • the art of listening
  • handling feelings of shyness or introversion
  • how to write great speeches (for school projects & events)  &
  • the ingredients of positive thinking for determination, persistence & self confidence.

Seed Coaching (for individuals)
Parents are the main role models for their kids, so our program is delivered in cycles of 4 sessions. In each cycle, we spend 3 sessions with your child and 1 session with you, their parent(s). In the fourth session, we give the parents a full report of our findings and tips on coaching your child at home. Parents can choose as many cycles as they think they need. Individual coaching can be done via Skype or face to face (depending on your location).

Pod Coaching (for small groups)
We believe that small groups (pods) are the most powerful way to coach young people in cultivating powerful self expression. A facilitator will come to your chosen location and deliver 8 weekly sessions to a pod of at least 4 students (10 maximum) aged between 10 & 16 years old. Parents are invited to sit in on the 7th session and witness each participant give a short speech to their pod group in a warm, receptive & friendly atmosphere. This is a powerful experience which allows for students to take their new found confidence to larger audiences.  Prices start at $15 per student per session.

Start your own LANTERN League

LANTERN League is for schools, organisations, companies, and individuals who want to set up a public speaking club for young people in their local community

Why start a LANTERN League?

Providing young people with an opportunity to open up to public speaking can position them  to succeed on many levels in life.

By deciding to mentor a LANTERN League Club you are giving a gift not only to the kids that participate in the program, but to the future of confident, compassionate & authentic leaders.