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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  


Quotes I still think the Yellow Lantern course was the best thing any of my kids have done in all of their time at school. Quotes
Rachel - Parent

Quotes Because of Yellow Lantern, I feel real in my life. Quotes
Jacqueline - student

Quotes Yellow Lantern was fun and it encouraged everybody to mess up and not worry. I was asked to make an impromptu talk and I couldn't believe I was able to! Quotes
Hudson - student

Quotes I had so much fun! At first I was nervous but I turned it into excitement! I have learnt that making mistakes isn't bad, you just have to do it skilfully. I know that I will never forget this course! Quotes
Mietta - student

Quotes Yellow Lantern has been amazing, I have enjoyed every day of it. The graduation night was so fun, funny and unreal. We were all comfortable about being ourselves and making mistakes. Quotes
Jesse - student

Quotes It was like being a stand up comedian! For the first time in my life I felt so comfortable up there. Everyone's speech was incredible and meant something. After I finished I wanted to do it again. Quotes
Chelsea - student

Quotes I thought the whole experience was incredible. I can see a massive improvement in my speeches. I learnt that it is not talking in front of 100 people that is scary, it was just me feeling embarrassed. If I just be myself it will all go well. I was never a good public speaker, Yellow Lantern has changed that. Quotes
Stephanie - student

Quotes The 8 week Yellow Lantern course has been fantabulous! On the first day I was asked, ' Who doesn't think they need public speaking?' I put my hand up. Now I love it. I just let everything go! Quotes
Camden - student