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Yellow Lantern Public Speaking for Kids

brightening pathways through public speaking for kids  

The very special Yellow Lantern Approach...

At the centre of our approach is a focus on putting each child’s personality first, in a competitive free environment which nurtures belief in the self.

Public Speaking is an opportunity for your child to feel, own and speak their words without fear of getting it wrong. Our programs transform even the most apprehensive students into comfortable & relaxed speakers.

How do students Benefit?

By the end of a program with Yellow Lantern, your kids
know how to:
  • Choose magnificence
  • Master their mistakes
  • Find their shine
  • Write a speech with power & personality
  • Celebrate others

    "Yellow Lantern gave me a chance to believe in the real me"
                                   Aisha - Student

Our amazing staff...

Yellow Lantern facilitators are dynamic, engaging & vibrant educators from all over Australia with professional qualifications in teaching, counselling & life coaching.

Our programs are tailored to:
  • Connect with Aus VELS Australian Curriculum
  • Compliment the Kids Matter Framework
  • Fit in with school timetables and meet budget requirements

Programs & Workshops

The popular 8 week  SHINE YOUR LIGHT program is a powerful journey of self discovery where students learn that being YOU is the most captivating speaker you can be!

Join a Lantern League Club near you or start your own. This is Australia's first speaking club for youth who seek powerful opportunities to speak it- sing it- slam it or stage it!

We also offer Short WORKSHOPS in four key learning areas:
1.  Forming Rockstar Rapport
    Connect instantly with audiences & in job interviews
2. Untame Your Voice
    Write natural & powerful speeches for class projects 
3. Be REAL Online
    Put your best foot forward with your digital footprint
4. Compassionate Leadership Skills
     Leading with voice, presence, empathy and impact

"My class completely took to the transformational approach from Yellow Lantern.
It really took them on a journey. They looked forward to it each week" 

Miss Dooley - Teacher

"I couldn't believe the changes he has gone through. He used to shrink in front of people, now he stands tall. It brings tears to my eyes"
Sharlene Stratford - Parent


Structure & Mission

On first glance you may have taken us for a not-for-profit. We love the work that NFP's do and share the same purpose (to make a huge positive impact in the world), but how we operate is a little different.   Yellow Lantern Pty Ltd is a for-profit social enterprise company. We run a sustainable model that provides a great social service, employs facilitators and pays costs. 100% of profits generated go directly toward supporting our mission.

Our core mission is to provide all young Australian's with powerful experiences of self acceptance through modern public speaking coaching.

Director of Yellow Lantern

Nathalie Brewer (BA Hons Psychology) is a school program designer and professional speaker whom has spoken to countless schools and organisations around Australia on the topic of bullying, healthy eating & exam stress. As an experienced teacher at Deakin University and the developer of a series of National School Wellbeing programs endorsed by Life Be In It Australia, Nathalie has travelled the world as a SLAM poet, worked in outdoor education, and is a marriage celebrant, Yoga teacher and mother.
"I developed Yellow Lantern in response to my own experience of doing public speaking when I was at school. I was taught to compete with others whilst trying to adopt strict formulas and dull techniques.

Yellow Lantern is a testament to the shine that is within each and every person. My wish is to provide inner pathways for young people toward being proudly & publicly them self. Because when we feel our best, we speak our best." NB
Watch one of our students ...

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Special Announcement...

We are so proud to announce that Yellow Lantern was a shortlisted entrant for the prestigeous Telstra Business Women's Awards for the Best Business Start Up of the Year!

The team at Telstra was impressed by our modern, unique & empowering approach to public speaking for kids.